You are a Director of Marketing, a Vice-President of Sales, a Creative Director, a Department Head, a small Business Owner....or even the CEO. You have a product or service that the world needs to hear about, How do you get started? 

It all starts with an understanding of your project, your business, your brand and your goals for your video.



Creative: Unlike many production companies that just execute production, I&Eye's  team has been developing award winning creative for over a decade. From national campaigns to impactful B2B messaging the I&Eye creative team is like having your own writers and art directors in house.


Field production can often be the most daunting part of a production. It's easy to do it  wrong and mistakes can be costly. At I&Eye we pride ourselves on maximizing your field budget while delivering impactful, cinematic content. From coordinating locations and schedules to selecting acquisition formats, the I&Eye field production team has you covered.


Post Production The close collaboration continues in the post department. In the current work climate many of our clients are not able to spend much time in the edit suite. Not to worry , our Emmy award-winneg editors and directors can closely coordinate with you in the cloud, from rough cuts and voice selects through editorial revisions you can track your project and provide feedback every step of the way. Of course your always welcome in any of our three comfortable edit suites located on the second floor of our historic location.


Art Direction:  Design and animation touch every project at I&Eye. Whether matching an existing brand standard or creating a new one, the designers at I&Eye are the best in the business. Of course the best art direction is often an effect that is not obvious. See the latest I&Eye art department demo reel to unveil the digital trickery we do every day.  

Working with I and Eye allowed us the best of both worlds. Not only did we get the benefits of working with a team that has expert talent in the technical side of video production but we were able to work creatively with their staff to ensure the best vision of our video was produced. The creative collaboration that existed between their team and ours produced a final product that greatly exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled to call them a partner and look forward to continuing to produce video content with them.
Bethany Ritchey
 Director of Brand Management

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