Creative. Collaborative. Compelling. Customized. Cost-effective.
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you need creative that drives results. Video that works for your image, works for your brand, and works for your bottom line.
That’s exactly what I & Eye does.

Think you need a video? We do too.



From national television campaigns to impactful B2B messaging, your creative starts with an understanding of your goals and expectations.


From there, all aspects of pre-production are conducted in close coordination with your team.

Our Emmy award-winning editors and directors will closely coordinate with you in the cloud or in the room.


From rough cuts and voice selects through editorial revisions, you can track your project and provide feedback every step of the way.

Design and animation touch every project we work on.


Watch our demo reel to see the digital trickery
we create every day.

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Bob Igoe​


From Fortune 500 companies to local advertisers, Bob has been creating award-winning content for clients since I & Eye's founding. 

"I don't care about the money, I just want to make a great video."

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David Striet


"For over 30 years I have been telling stories. From VHS, 3/4", PAL, NTSC, Top Load, Reel to Reel, AB Roll, to Non-Linear and beyond. It doesn't matter what's all about the story."

Michael Clouse


Clouse graduated from The University of Cincinnati's prestigious DAAP Graphic Communication Design program in 2016 and has over a decade of experience in design, motion graphics, and art direction.


When not pushing keyframes around, Clouse loves cartoons like Adventure Time, and plays in the Cincinnati-based progressive punk band Heist.


Kyle Howland


Also known as "The Professor," Kyle can be found many days teaching the next generation of production professionals at Xavier's DIFT program. Kyle practices what he teaches as an award-winning DP and editor.


"I have seen the future of video production and it's the return of Betamax."

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I & Eye Productions has been producing compelling video content for clients since its founding in 1999. Originally located in Newport Kentucky, I & Eye has been headquartered in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Madisonville since 2004. The Madisonville campus features a studio, editing suites, graphic design suites, and field production equipment.

The offices are located in a historic home built in 1861 and lovingly converted into a modern HQ for I & Eye. Stop by the lobby bar almost any Friday to catch up with the team during our Friday @4 happy hour. 


"There is no mystery to creating a good video. It's hard work combined with a thorough understanding of  the message and the person you want to reach. I find if you bring passion to a project it shows up in the final results." - Bob